Health Nutrition and Hygiene


Well being is the natural and sound state of the body. This can be a nice supply of peace and happiness.

Health refers to a state of sound intellect and physically fit physique free from any disorder, illness or sickness. In simple phrases, health refers back to the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of a man or woman.

Hygiene refers back to the excellent practices that hinder illnesses and results in just right well being, above all by means of cleanliness, appropriate sewage disposal, and give of dependable drinking water. It refers to all these activities which might be executed for bettering and keeping, keeping sound wellness.

The proverb says that well being is wealth. It’s real stated that of all things on the planet well being is the most useful that one could possess. Money is for sure a satisfactory thing. Nevertheless, it can give no pleasure to a person of ruined well being. As body and mind are closely related, the intellect cannot be sound and cheerful without sound health.

Worth and advantages of excellent well being: lifestyles is a excellent battle, and well being is the pleasant weapon to be successful in the battle of lifestyles. A healthful man can enjoy life in each method. An unhealthy man lives a most miserable existence. He may have intelligence, advantage and wealth, but he are not able to put them to use and reap their benefits.

Hygiene Habits for just right well being

Pure water: Pure water is an extra supply of excellent well being. A high-quality deal of illness is caused through making use of impure water. Individuals in villages in most cases bathe, and wash garments and cattle in tanks. If this water is used for consuming functions, it’s going to carry disastrous diseases. To make water pure it should be boiled, in order that it would possibly not do any damage.

Balanced and Nutritious meals: Healthful meals continues our well being excellent. Part of the food we take serves as fireplace to hold the body heat; another phase types flesh to give us strength. Pure milk is probably the most nutritious meals. Vegetables and lots of different matters that we quite often take are nutritious meals. A combined eating regimen is the fine food for us. Stale and rotten meals is hazardous for health. Meals should be taken at constant times. Over-consuming factors many illnesses. Exact care is vital about food when any epidemic prevails.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is imperative for just right wellness. It is the main hygiene dependency. Filth spreads ailments, on the grounds that germs thrive in it. They transfer about with the dirt in the air, so a dirty man is without problems attacked with ailments. The man, who has a easy body and places on smooth garments, is free from grime and dirt, and no disorder can assault him with ease. Daily bathing is a good habit. It continues our physique smooth. We will have to maintain our clothes, bedding, food, utensils, and all other matters neat and smooth. No grime should be allowed to gather close our residences. We should additionally keep our teeth and nails easy. We must recall that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Eye care: We will have to take great care of our eyes. Each insufficient gentle and far more than light are harmful to our eyes. Eyes become fatigued with the aid of study and require some relaxation. Bathing the eyes with cold water at night is an effective hygiene habit.

Other Measures for good well being

Standard activity: Ordinary physical endeavor is vital to keep just right wellness. Running in the open air every morning and night strengthens the muscle mass of the limbs and quickens the circulation of blood. A game every day before sundown may be very high-quality. A person, taking common endeavor, shall be significantly better geared up for the obligations of life than a languid bookworm will.

Pure air: The primary requisite is pure air. To secure good wellness we have to have a adequate give of fresh air. For this we must preserve the environment clean.

Suitable sleep: Many persons sleep too much. This renders them indolent. However, a zealous pupil goes to the reverse extreme. Each of these practices injure well being. ‘Early to bed and early to upward push’ is the great direction.


We ought to be trained appropriate hygiene practices to continue our well being. An excessive amount of work or exercise, consuming or drinking are injurious to wellness. A regulated life is very precious to a sound well being. Principally, the mind too, need to be stored easy and pure.




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